Ditch Your Formal Dress This Cocktail Party

And your fridge magnet is reminding you every day that your invitation to the cocktail dinner is inching closer and then comes the panic attack. Ofcourse, you will be panic stricken, because you have nothing to wear to the party. Trust me, dear one, you are not alone in this journey, we all get a panic attack, thinking ‘What am I going to wear?’ Well, ofcourse cocktail dinner calls for cocktail dress, but how to choose the right one? Let us help you out.

Formal or Semi- That Is The Question!

While most cocktail dresses are for formal occasions, there are many variations to it, so before getting your dress. If you are going to a formal dinner, opting for a well structured shift dress in solid colors is a good option but you can mix and match to add some fun to your attire. Or you can wear a cute floral flared printed dress with strappy shoes and you will be all set to head to the Cocktail party.

Draped Diaries

While shift dresses are the most common ones, opting for a draped dress can add an interesting twist to your look. Draped dresses look good on all kind of body structure and very much in trend this season. A draped dress is light and breezy and perfect for all the summer cocktail events.

High, Low, Medium- Who Cares?

While choosing a cocktail dress, most of us tend to choose dresses that are knee length, but we would suggest, opt for dresses that will brush your calves or may be opt for an ankle length dress in breezy sheer fabric to add some fun to your cocktail dinner. And if you are up for some serious experimentation, go for uneven or high low hemlines.
Mix It, Match It, Play With It

Even a simple dress can make an outstanding impression, when accessorized properly. A beautiful earring or a cuff bracelet or even a statement clutch can add up to your look for the cocktail party. And to add some more elegance to your look, pair your dress with a stiletto and you will be all set for the party.



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