Preparing For Festive Season

Now that the festive season is almost here, how much are you geared up for them? Festivals are not just about faith and rituals, there are more to it. Think of Durga Puja or Diwali, what are the things that come to your mind? Rituals, Fun, Food and ofcourse, Shopping! As the festive days are fast approaching, are you all prepared to keep your fashion … Continue reading Preparing For Festive Season

Add Some Magic To Your Look This Monsoon

After a scorching summer, the pitter patter rain drops are a welcome relief. But when it comes to stepping outside, the soothing rain can turn into the biggest problem, because choosing your clothes during monsoon can be pretty tricky. But a little help and you can add a touch of magic to your monsoon look. Stay Dry in Drapes When it comes to choosing your … Continue reading Add Some Magic To Your Look This Monsoon

Drape in style with Ommyra

Any fashionista would agree that draping is crucial to fashion. Draping is a style of positioning and pinning fabric to the cloth in a particular manner which appeals to onlookers. Ommyra believes in innovating with latest design and always comes up with bold and beautiful draping styles. The clothes available at the store boast of latest styles of drapes. Before we showcase the items here … Continue reading Drape in style with Ommyra

Keep It Stylish, Even While You Are Travelling

Should I pack all western or should I pack some ethnics as well? What if I leave behind my party wear and we visit a nightclub? Travelling can be the most amazing thing, but packing your dresses? Might not be that easy. We share with you some tips to keep it stylish, even while you are travelling. Warm or Cool- Your Call Layers are always … Continue reading Keep It Stylish, Even While You Are Travelling

Must Have Summer Wears from Ommyra

Summer means hot sun, hotter winds and hottest climate that make your mind off the track, people find themselves irritated and sweaty all the time. Those who have to go out daily for working purpose are sometimes confused about what to wear during summer, especially most of the working women go for bed thinking what to wear next day in office, Ommyra offers few dressing … Continue reading Must Have Summer Wears from Ommyra

Try Indo-Western for Best Friend’s Wedding

Being part of the great Indian wedding scenario is quite a thing and if it is your best friend’s wedding, all eyes will be upon you after the bride! The bride will be the showstopper, but there is absolutely no need for you to be a wallflower. Gear up for the wedding season but in style. Out with the heavy anarkalis and kanjeevarams and in … Continue reading Try Indo-Western for Best Friend’s Wedding

Bollywood Styles are in Vogue this Spring Summer

Bollywood, the dreamland for Indian cinema and fashion, though Bombay has changed its name to Mumbai, Bollywood remained its old term and charm. Fashion in Bollywood is always extravagant, what Bollywood follows today entire India will follow tomorrow. Ommyra enlightens you with the fashion trends in Bollywood where they got inspiration from. Begin From The Period Drama Mughal-e-Azam In 1960 trend setter movie Mughal-e-Azam, Madhubala, … Continue reading Bollywood Styles are in Vogue this Spring Summer