The sharp divide between ethnic and western is blurring, and for all good reasons! Fusion wear is taking the centre stage, as it combines the élan of the ethnic along with the comfort and fluid movement of the western. Ommyra, one of the best designer stores in Kolkata has come up with really interesting fusion designs you must check out!




Inspired by the flares of the ankle-length kurta, this kurta-dress from Ommyra combines the knee-length dress with long flares at the side to give you a unique appeal. Flared sides, along with embroidered design on the top is highly reminiscent of the graceful ankle-length kurta, but trust the knee –length hemline to jazz up the dress.

Ankle-length tops


Who says ankle-length kurtas can be worn only over leggings? Try stripped jeans and a tank top underneath for a fusion girl look. This lemon-yellow ankle-length fusion top from Ommyra is sure to get heads turning in your direction.

Off-Shoulder Striped dress


Stripes are always fun, but why limit them to tops and knee-length dresses? Try this red and white striped asymmetrical kurta-dress from Ommyra for a beautiful ensemble. Pair it with sneakers and large earrings for a proper fusion chic look.



Inspired by the sleekness of waist-length tops and cigarette pants, Ommyra brings to you a solid-colour ensemble. The short top or kurta is paired with a salwar, which is neither too broad, nor too tight. Pair it with a multi-coloured stole to notch up the glam effect by a considerable few notches.


Layered top and dhoti pants


We all know layered tops are fun. But ever tried them on dhoti pants? Do check them out at Ommyra whenever you can. The dhoti pants are moderate in length, more streamlined than the normal ones for free movement and classy look. Just about perfect to go with layered tops.

So how many of these made to your list? Do check out more such designs at https://www.facebook.com/ommyra/

Happy Shopping!


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