Ethnic sleeve styles in trend for a chic look

Looking at the traditional wear trends going around, one can notice that the waist sizes are growing smaller with belted sarees while the sleeves are getting bigger with additional trims and detailing.  Every new design popping up on our radar seems to level up the fashion quotient, more than the last.  New age designers have flooded us with a host of ideas to do up our sleeves. Seek to find out which one suits you best from some that we have listed here:



Sleek shirts with ethnic sleeves are something that one can never get enough of. Deconstructed, over and undershirts for a layered look are just perfect, where the sleeves could be worn in all the ways like a regular shirt. This silhouette is here to stay, for sure!

Bell sleeves:

A subtle twist for a flamboyant change, the bell sleeves have been our favorite since a while as they add the needed feminine details to any outfit. Add them to your kurtis, blouses, or lehengas, this style rooted from the Japanese Kimono looks stunning with everything.



This style has been doing rounds in the fashion world for a while now. Cape sleeves are just the right way to make a statement in any lavish wedding that you attend next.




Initially originating from skirts and shawls, this trim has been used everywhere from leather jackets to shimmery night out outfits. Whether you desire to go for an over all fringed sleeve or just stick to it at the hems, this unique detail will work as an added accessory to any traditional outfit.

Sheer Lace:

Sheer and lace in shades of white and ivory are definitely creating all the rage in the fashion industry right now. Sheer sleeves with added details of embroidery or lace by designers are being worn by various celebrities. This style is the perfect tinge of elegance.



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