Fashion Trends for 2017: Know All About the Top Trends

The Dresses Are Fad in 2017
Courage is the word that is going to rule in 2017. New patterns, colors and styles offer insight to the new trends anticipating what are in and what not. Here comes a sincere attempt to enlighten the fashionistas about what to chose and what not in the coming year.
Tudor Styled Ethnic Wear
Puffed sleeves and retro looking hairdos are going to rule 2017. The Elizabethan look will be donned in the international arena this year. Cream colored tops that are inspired by classic era will convey a modern twist in this coming year. Stripes are back again, you can wear stripes of different sizes and colors in the same outfit.

Sequined Dresses over Pants 
The trend is back again but the look can definitely help you to freshen up your wardrobe. Big brands styled their models in dress-over-pants ensemble and that gave a hint that this will be a style statement in the coming year.

The Colors That Will have A Mandate
Be enough daring to explore the trends and get ready to rock an explosive silhouette next year. The pastel shades of mauve, pink, electro furs, gorgeous red and glittery green from head to toe are going to rule the runways in the fashion industry this year.

Perfect Time for Heavy Trousseau
Feel free to explore the royal fabrics in heavily embroidered lehenga in the coming year. For those who love to wear ethnics this is the time to don an exquisite handloom sari or lehenga with gold and silver weaves in it. The look that works best for the next year is a full sleeved jacket with zardosi work in it.

Perfect Evening Attire
Evenings have a special place among all; a long fluffy skirt in shades or pale pink is at the peak of popularity. The colors that are in red or golden tones are always welcome. A length that will work for you is short skirt. But if you feel uncomfortable baring too much skin opt for a skirt that falls at or just above the knee. Remember one thing, choose an outfit that makes you look best and you feel comfortable wearing it.

New trends come and go but the thing that is eternal is your persona that is reflected through the dress you flaunt. Be bold, be optimistic and be YOU to give birth to a new fashion trend in 2017.


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