Best Kolkata Fashion Boutique Ommyra Unveils Scarves Collection As The Latest Fashion Trend

Surviving a winter without scarf is scary. Why not collect some good stuff for almost every occasion in winter to don a really trendy look? Get a keen idea on different scarves and flaunt during this chill weather to be safe as well as trendy.

The Different Fabrics

11218774_453728201458179_2808415672587018711_nFrom silky classic to creamy cashmere; many varieties are available to take you right through the winter. The simple design adorned with few accessories give a different note to a scarf. Women wearing them with panache make an effortless but elegant fashion statement. The special finishing such as a colorful scarf with a charcoal black outfit goes fine.

Everyone’s Style Statement

Scarves have different shapes such as square, rectangular and triangular and almost can be worn by everyone. With traditional ethnic attire and modern western outfits a scarf fits her everywhere; it is the easiest way to dress up a suit or cocktail attire on business trip.

How to Tie One on

At least there are fifty different and terrific ways to tie a scarf. Originally during the ancient period of time when Romans brought this fashion trend they used to tie it on the face or neck even in hot weather. Tying a knot in the middle of neck or wearing it like a shawl is considered fashionable. Actually it is very easy to add an instant update to your look and get creative when it comes to tying a scarf to best complement an outfit. Add some extra glamour by twisting, looping and draping it with your dress.

Scarves Signal One’s Status


The limited edition scarves from the big fashion houses indicate the signature style and status of a specific person, often only made available to favored customers. Certain labels are particularly associated with high style in scarves; Ferragamo, Fendi and Gucci produce designer scarves in the international arena while Indian fashion makers such as Ommyra comes up with impeccable designs and vibrant colors for their esteemed customer base. Ommyra only focuses on the craftsmanship that helps justify their reputation.

In the field of contemporary fashion scarves continue to serve a very important place as did those earlier fine linen fichus and paisley shawls. A true connoisseur never underestimates the sophistication a scarf can provide.




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