Keep It Stylish, Even While You Are Travelling

Should I pack all western or should I pack some ethnics as well? What if I leave behind my party wear and we visit a nightclub?

Travelling can be the most amazing thing, but packing your dresses? Might not be that easy. We share with you some tips to keep it stylish, even while you are travelling.

Warm or Cool- Your Call

Layers are always cool and when you are travelling, packing jackets is a great option. Throw a waterfall jacket over your regular tee and you will look stylish and elegant at the same time. The added advantage will be, jackets will help you ward off the chill as well.

‘Top’ Priority

Pack a couple of denims or jeggings in basic color and multiple sets of tops. Pack a draped dress or a caped top in sheer, which will flow and add an aura of elegance and fun to your look. For those romantic evenings, these dresses or tops will be perfect. While you can always team your jeggings or denims with your regular tees, they will also be a perfect combo for those draped ‘kurti’ or cape tops.

One Shirt, Multiple Way

A long flowing button down shirt is a must have while you are travelling. Why? One piece of clothing and many utilities. Team it with your normal denim, or your hot pants or a jeggings or you may even wear it like a dress, every time it will add a new edge to your look and when one piece of clothing can add give you so many new look, it indeed is a must have.

Accessorize And Explore

A hobo bag, a clutch, a hand cuff or multiple finger rings, accessories are essential to make or break your look. Carry some basic accessories in neutral tones so that you can team them up with all your dresses. Add a piece of ear cuff to your shirt dress, or a statement necklace with your denim look or even a chunky watch or cuff with your draped kurti and you will be ready to rock your vacation.

And before ending, while choosing your shoes, stick to flat pumps or converse and ditch your heels. Be comfortable, be stylish!


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