Drape in style with Ommyra

Any fashionista would agree that draping is crucial to fashion. Draping is a style of positioning and pinning fabric to the cloth in a particular manner which appeals to onlookers.

Ommyra believes in innovating with latest design and always comes up with bold and beautiful draping styles. The clothes available at the store boast of latest styles of drapes. Before we showcase the items here is a quick look at the history of draping.

Draping is fresh fashion but its origin could be traced to the 18th century. Designers have the knowledge to distinguish among different fabrics which will enable them to select the most appropriate fabric for flow and line of each design. Playing with the way fabric folds and hangs on the body is an amusing way to create new fashion designs that you wouldn’t have thought of sitting in front of a sketchbook.

Designers at Ommyra devote time to find the perfect draping style for each garment.  Each Ommyra outfit one comes across has a story behind it. Story of a young woman, a teenage girl or a beautiful granny- Ommyra offers a style for all the stages of a woman. It embodies the beauty and dignity of a woman and drapes it up with big, bold and fresh fashion.


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