Add Some Magic To Your Look This Monsoon

After a scorching summer, the pitter patter rain drops are a welcome relief. But when it comes to stepping outside, the soothing rain can turn into the biggest problem, because choosing your clothes during monsoon can be pretty tricky. But a little help and you can add a touch of magic to your monsoon look.

Stay Dry in Drapes

When it comes to choosing your closet, stick to drapes during the monsoon. Opt for a dhoti pant or a draped skirt, since they are made of light fabrics which are breezy and easy to dry, even if you get all drenched in the heavenly drops. Dhoti pants when teamed with cropped top or capes can really add a glam quotient to your look. Ankle length draped dress or a draped kurti can be a fun way to add a twist to your look this monsoon.

Add A Cape To Your Look

Team your shorts with a long cape top. The cape top will add a flow to your look and make you stand out from the rest. Not comfortable in shorts? Wear a cape top over a skirt or even a tank top and a Capri and you will end up boosting your fashion quotient a bit higher.

Monsoon Weddings

Monsoon calls for a lots of weddings and when it comes to choosing your wedding look, it requires special attention, especially when it is raining outside. We suggest opt for a embroidered high low or slit kurti with a flowing skirt. This combo will not be heavy, hence will be easy to dry, yet will bring out your inner diva. Opt for bright colors like fuchsia or lime green or may be the traditional flaming red and you will be festive ready. Add a chandelier earring to your look and get a beautiful clutch and no rain is going to dampen your fashion.


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